Advocates for the Study of Petroleum Output is a group of Irish scientists and experts that came together to both study and share their knowledge of peak oil concerns. Our group is comprised of an eclectic assortment of individuals who believe that peak oil is imminent and this issue needs to be addressed. Dr. Florence Chatigny joined us in 2009. Her background in geophysics and her innate ability to share information with others of varying levels of expertise make her an excellent leader and spokesperson for our organization.

Peak oil is a very real issue that must be faced with a serious sense of urgency. There will come a day when the peak oil crisis will be a reality, and no one knows for sure when that day will be. At the rate that crude oil is pumped from the ground, there will come a point when the world will reach the maximum amount of oil that can be pumped. From that day forward, the oil available will continue to diminish until the demand can no longer be met.

Experts in countries across the world recognize the problems that will come as this crisis nears, and they are working together to find a solution. One problem that is faced is the abundance of "studies" that have been done that say that the oil crisis is a farce. Many people blindly follow the creators of these flawed studies and refuse to work toward the solution to a very real problem. Unfortunately, these studies are not backed by good science.

We are not a political group, and we do not involve ourselves in the commercial aspects of energy. We invite experts to share their knowledge with us as we endeavor to inform the world about the hidden dangers of the oil crisis. Promoting education may be the only chance we have to ensure that the world is aware of the finite supply of oil and thinking about the future without the ready availability of fossil fuels.

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